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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: January 15, 2013


Good music is so hard to find! You can spend hours at your computer, but search engines are overwhelming and Youtube makes sense only to rocket scientists! OUCH — all that typing could cause a pinky fracture! But never again! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your all-purpose solution for hunting new music. For just seven easy payments of $19.99 (plus a small major processing and handling fee), you get weekly metal new release recommendations from the master hunter Shanbomb, plus the satisfaction of knowing you’re making him $$$! Call today!


Infernal Poetry
Paraphiliac (Bakerteam)
On a playlist with: Hypocrisy, Illdisposed, Gojira
Listen “Cartilages” (here)

Hey check out that cover art! Okay now that I have your attention I can tell you about the new record by a venerable Italian death metal band. Paraphiliac, the fourth album in 27 years for Infernal Poetry, is surprisingly modern and flavorful death metal: plenty of heaviness and ferocity, but a lot more than just senseless violence (except in the lyrics). Like Scandinavian mid-tempo death masters Hypocrisy and Illdisposed, the group’s brutality belies a skill for striking melodies that’s infinitely more sinister than their no-melody peers’. This is end-of-the-world stuff and via song titles like “Barf Together” and “Hypertrophic Jellyfish,” you know it’s quality.


Fear Of A Unique Identity (Prophecy)
On a playlist with: A Perfect Circle, The Chant, Stabbing Westward
Listen Fear Of A Unique Identity full stream (here)

I love it when a band’s name throws me for a curve; you totally guessed that a band called Antimatter was a European sci-fi tech-death band, dincha? Wrong! Antimatter is dark electronic rock from the UK formed by Mick Moss and an ex-Anathema guy. Fear Of A Unique Identity, Moss’s first release in five years, delivers another hefty dose of dreary acoustics, plodding rhythms, electronic textures, and sorrowful warbles. Don’t expect diversity — like most of this sub-genre — but look to Fear to wash away your New Year’s woes.


Mors Principium Est - And Death Said LiveMors Principium Est
And Death Said Live (AFM)
On a playlist with: Dark Tranquillity (post-Lost To Apathy), Children Of Bodom, Before The Dawn
Listen And Death Said Live full stream (here)

Mors Principium Est’s second and third albums The Unborn and Liberation = Termination are two of my fave melodeath releases ever. It’s like, it’s easy to make something really goofy out of keyboards and shred, but despite that these Finns are badass and And Death Said Live is more proof. But what Death needs is a more ambitious scope: The juicy melodies and finger tappin’ leads are all fine (though keys play a conspicuously smaller role), but nothing sets this apart from Mors’ past. We waited six years for Death; it would have been great of MPE to up the ante.


Mutiny Within - SynchronicityMutiny Within
Synchronicity (Mutiny Within)
On a playlist with: Scar Symmetry, Vanisher, Into Eternity
Listen “Machines” (here)

Speaking of long-awaited follow-ups, let’s examine Synchronicity, the sophomore record by briefly defunct Mutiny Within. You may have heard of MW’s saga — good guys and great musicians defeated by the foundering music industry — so it won’t surprise you that their new collection of songs arrives with a message. Anyway if you enjoyed MW’s debut you will dig round two, especially for vocalist Chris Clancy’s increased heaviness via some mighty growls. And hey, do the MW guys a favor: Buy this album!


With Time Comes The Comfort (Rise)
On a playlist: Counterparts, Defeater, No Bragging Rights
Listen With Time Comes The Comfort full stream (here)

If bands named for plural nouns are native to metalcore and djent, then “ends in ‘-er’” names are the same for the melodic hardcore scene. (Watch for my new band Ass-Scratcher coming this Spring!) Anyway Rise Records gets a very rare “Tip Of The Hat” this week for this pretty decent band (and a “Wag Of The Finger” for a pretty bad one). Rescuer’s stuff is nothing out of the ordinary, but lousy album title aside, it makes for a solid debut.


Ritu (Code 666)
On a playlist with: Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, In Vain
Listen “Haunter of Dark” (here)

Ever wish Dimmu or COF were a little less in your face about the “WE HAVE GOOD PRODUCTION” thing? Then investigate this Belgian symphonic black metal sextet. The mix leaves plenty of room for the piercing vocals, blast beats, and symphonics while remaining neither overly glossy nor uncomfortably raw. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Saille guys write a pretty great tune.



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