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Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky Has a “Real Surreal Beauty”

Stephen Brodsky
Photo Credit: old_skool_metal_head’s Flickr

If you’re expecting anything remotely Cave In-like from singer/guitarist Stephen Brodsky’s new solo effort, stop reading right here. His solo efforts and side projects have really never been about that.

Although, truth be told, it’s not that hard to draw a line from the arpeggiated lead acoustic guitar line in new song “Real Surreal Beauty” to a Jupiter or Antenna-era Cave In song; it’s clear to the trained ear that the same guy wrote all of the above. Still, I’m sure most Cave In fans won’t really care much for the song.

I’m always curious what any member of Cave In is up to, though, so I checked it out at Rolling Stone. And it’s not bad. I offer no grand year-end list proclamations, but I’m at least curious to hear the EP, Hit or Mystery, when it comes out on April 16th. The EP is Brodsky’s sonic reaction to moving to New York from Boston. Here’s what he’s got to say about the song:

“Real Surreal Beauty,” that’s me and a girl exploring a new living area, room by room. The room we start in has a face, with windows like eyes and cacti for eyelashes. It’s the place where I spent a year recording. My goal was to replace any feelings of sadness from growing into my 30’s with a newfound sense of sonic hope.

In other Cave In-related news we think MetalSucks readers will find more tantalizing, we have it on good word that Caleb Scofield’s post-metal outfit Zozobra will be releasing a new record in 2013. Get excitebike!

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