Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Dead Empires, Plague Dogs, Glass Pyramids


Plague Dogs

Dead Empires sound like what Cloudkicker could’ve been in an alternate universe in which Ben Sharp was influenced by doomy, stoney High on Fire riffs instead of atmospheric post rock and Meshuggah. The Hudson Valley, NY instrumental three-piece brings it hard on their latest offering Waiting in Waves.

I saw Plague Dogs live in Philadelphia last week and they totally killed it. These guys are pretty much classic Entombed-core: that mix of death metal riffing, blues rock tonality and post-hardcore aesthetic affectionately referred to as “death n’ roll.” I dig these guys the most when they’re turning the blues element up to the max. Ironically, the guitarist can’t stand Kvelertak! Stream their recently released self-titled EP:

Glass Pyramids are like The Red Chord without a vocalist. Which is to say, infinitely less funny and way more serious, but no less kick-ass. These guys could also play in front of Gojira and kill it.

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