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Check Out Kvelertak’s “Bruane Brenn”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Check Out Kvelertak’s “Bruane Brenn”

Although it still hasn’t officially been released in the rest of the world yet, Kvelertak’s new single, “Braune Brenn,”  is now out in Scandanavia. (It also previously streamed on the BBC for a limited amount of time.) Oh, Scandanavia, why do you always get everything first?!?!

But oh right it’s 2013 so of course thanks to the magic of YouTube you can actually listen to the song no matter where you’re from, at least until it gets yanked down. And you SHOULD listen to it, ’cause it rules. So if you were worried that Kvelertak might hit a sophomore slump, well, it seems like you can probably stop worrying!

Kvelertak’s new album, Meir, will be out later this year.

[via Metal Insider]

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