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New Jams of the Day: Hateform and 4Arm


Hateform - Sanctuary in Abyss

They just don’t make Scandinavian melodeath this heavy and this good anymore. Unless you’re Mors Principium Est. So it makes sense that Hateform, the band who wrote the RIPPING melodeath track you’re about to stream below, features two ex-members of MPE. The riffs! The guitar solo! The lack of cheesy crap! It’s all here. Hateform’s forthcoming new album Sanctuary In Abyss will be released by Spinefarm Records this March, but you can and should stream “Perpetual Cold” below, via Heavy Blog is Heavy:

The Dark Roots of Thrash Tour featuring Testament and Overkill is mere days away, and what better way to celebrate than by getting to know 4Arm, the tour’s opening act? Mere seconds into “Submission for Liberty” it’s abundantly clear why 4Arm were tapped to open this tour; they bring the thrash hard and fast just like the tour’s headliners. It’s hard to imagine anyone who arrives early to the show won’t be head-banging up front by the time 4Arm finish their set. Flotsam and Jetsam will also appear on the trek. Get dates here.

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