Icelandic Metal is the Best Kind of Metal


Icelandic Metal is the Best Kind of Metal

I’m exaggerating, but it sure seems like it sometimes. For whatever reason, it seems like every time I stumble across a sick new extreme metal band, they’re repping Reykjavik, and it’s impressive to see such a sparsely-populated country has got such a dedicated music scene (see?). We all know Solstafir by now, and I’ve already raved about the genius of Svartidaudi and Angist’s massive potential, but in case you’ve missed it, lend me your ears:

Sólstafir – Fjara

Svartidaudi – “Flesh Cathedral”

Angist – “Godless”

My newest obsession is Wormlust, who are preparing their debut album for Norway’s Demonhood Productions (which means you’ll probably be hearing more about them soon!). Their style of black metal is as chaotic, intricate, and dynamic as you could want, and offers something new with every listen. Go on.

And, for proof that Viking folk aren’t always frostbitten and grim, we have… Severed Crotch.

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