Svn Okklt & Fallen Empire Conspire on New Collaboration


Svn Okklt & Fallen Empire Conspire on New Collaboration

Fallen Empire Records and influential black metal portal Svn Okklt have joined forces to release a compilation cassette that, for those of us who can’t be bothered with messing around with tape players, is also available online as a pay-what-you-want download. It features a wealth of excellent lo-fi, innovative, and outright punishing material from some of the best new underground band from North America, the UK, and Switzerland. Standout tracks come from Death Fortress, Axis of Light, and Jute Gyte, but there’s plenty of gold on there.

You can listen in advance and contribute a few bucks to the cause at Fallen Empire’s Bandcamp page, or download it outright at Svn Okklt. Invisible Oranges recently streamed it in full, as well (

It’s split into three parts, with the tracklisting below.

Rites of Vehemence

1. Witch In Her Tomb (US) – VII
2. Axis of Light (UK) – Secrets of the Tomb
3. Death Fortress (US) – Master-Deceiver
4. Nuklearenpest (US) – Burning The Bridge That Traverses The Abyss
5. Sylvus (Canada) – Astral Genocide

Rites of Pestilence

6. Tardigrada (Switzerland) – Leere
7. Eos (Canada) – Katharsis
8. Gevurah (Canada) – Divine Ignition

Rites of Departure

9. Dressed In Streams (US) – Deep Saffron
10. Xothist (US) – A Binding
11. Jute Gyte (US) – Detritivore

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