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Today in Vest Metal: New Jamz From Satan’s Wrath and Ancient VVisdom


If you’re still feeling bummed out about the break-up of The Devil’s Blood, fear not: there’s still plenty of great, new Vest Metal for you!

Blackened Vest Metal occultists Satan’s Wrath are back with a new video for “Slaves of the Inverted Cross” — the latest jam from their most recent album Galloping Blasphemy — via Metal Injection. The video is a live performance clip that provides ample opportunity to gawk at their siqq vests and sleeveless t-shirts. And like all great Vest Metal bands, Satan’s Wrath have accompanied the video with a cheesy/hilarious/awesome statement about… I’m not really sure: “We are ghouls of the shallow graves marching to battle against God.” Thanks for clarifying!

Ancient Vvisdom rock some of the siqqest vests I’ve ever seen (like seriously their ex-GFs must’ve worked really hard on those!) and our own Abysmal Shawn chose their forthcoming album Deathlike as his pick for the Album That Will Fuck Your Face Off in 2013. You can now stream Deathlike in full over at Terrorizer, and lucky for you, me, Shawn and everyone else it fucking rocks. Which is saying a lot considering it’s entirely acoustic. Despite the lacked of plugged in instruments — or maybe because of it — Deathlike is as dark, moody and powerful as anything I’ve heard all year. It’s a good thing Shawn made us pay attention to these dudes since otherwise I might’ve simply brushed them off as just another band with awesome vests on. Catch Ancient Vvisdom on tour with Enslaved and Pallbearer right now; dates here.

Ancient Vvisdom

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