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The Bronx? Yes Thonx!


The Bronx (IV)

Few bands making music today rock as hard as The Bronx. I hadn’t thought of this until right now, but the style Kvelertak are currently hawking isn’t that far of a stretch from what The Bronx have been doing for the past decade; catchy-as-fuck songs that are equal parts punk and AC/DC-inspired bluesy rock n’ roll. Of course, The Bronx don’t sing in Norwegian… which I guess could be either a plus or minus depending on how you look at it.

We’ve been quite excited about The Bronx IV ever since we heard it was going to be a really real thing, and now’s our chance to share it with the world: Alternative Press is streaming the whole shebang right now. Hot damn, this album is so fucking good; I’m currently on my third listen all the way through, and it’s only getting better with each subsequent playthrough. Tons of excellent riffs and catchy choruses, duh, but not noticed until this listen: the subtle vocal harmonies underneath Matt Caughthran’s sung screams. A+++ WDBWA.

The Bronx IV comes out on February 5th via ATO Records. Pre-order it here.

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