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Ghost: No Longer Called “Ghost”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ghost: No Longer Called “Ghost”

Just hours after releasing dates for their upcoming North American tour, Ghost announced an April 9 release date for their new album, Infestissumam… which will be released under the name “Ghost B.C.,” due to “legal reasons.”

Uh… okay.

I wish the band would be more specific, but I assume what happened is that there’s some other band called “Ghost” who trademarked their name first and threatened to sue this Ghost. Which is totally understandable, on the one hand, ’cause, y’know, they thought of the name first so pppppffffttt. On the other hand, it’s not as though anyone gives two shits about this other Ghost (assuming there is another Ghost… I suppose the legal stuff could be something else entirely), and this isn’t gonna change that. I mean, just ask the other Audioslave. Or Chimera, Chimera, Chimera, or Kimera. Or the Bison that isn’t Bison B.C. I’m sure you get my point.

ANYWAY, April 5! New Ghost (B.C.) album! Whoo-hoo!!!

[via Lambghost]

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