Now Danny Carey Says the New Tool Album Might Still Come Out in 2013

  • Axl Rosenberg

Now Danny Carey Says the New Tool Album Might Still Come Out in 2013

Do Tool have a case of Slipknotitis? Just days after Maynard James Keenan told a Chilean radio station there won’t be a new Tool album in 2013, drummer Danny Carey has gone ahead and told New Zealand radio station The Rock FM that a 2013 release hasn’t been ruled out. So either Carey is just a more optimistic dude than Keenan, or Keenan knows something Carey doesn’t know, or Carey is just dreamin’. In any case, it might be advisable for these fellas to pick up the phone and call each other and get on the same page, y’know?

You can, and should, listen to the interview with Carey here. It’s relatively short — about six-and-a-half-minutes — and he drops some other interesting info, too, such as the fact that bassist Justin Chancellor is “the main driving force” behind this new album, and that he recently did a session with Jason Bonham and “twelve really great drummers” for the score to Man of Steel, the upcoming Superman movie. Said score is being composed by Hans Zimmer, who has a history of enlisting rock musicians to help him out — most recently, he hired The Smiths’ Johnny Marr to provide guitar work for Inception. I will happily use this as an excuse to post the trailer below:

[via Fourtheye… thanks to Vertebrae33 for the tip]

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