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The Devil’s Blood Details Post Break-Up Releases

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The Devil’s Blood Details Post Break-Up Releases

Two Fridays ago, Dutch occult rockers The Devil’s Blood announced the band’s “return to nothingness” via a curt band statement. At that time, we at MetalSucks cried, but only mildly in hopes for a reversal, an explanation, a huge “Just kidding,” or at least some happy news to counteract this major bummer.

Wednesday night we sorta got our wish via a second, more comprehensive band announcement. It restates their most definite disbandment (cry), but promises a few posthumous interviews (sweet relief), a sorta release of an unfinished third album (gimme), and a handful of bonus goodies in the works (sigh). The band describes each thusly:

1. III: Tabula Rasa or Death And The Seven Pillars
A new, full length album with 7 new songs, for which only demos were made. Originally intended for a winter 2013 release. Artwork by Manuel Tinnemans

2. 66:2
An acoustic EP with one new piece of music and two covers. Studio recordings unfinished. Originally intended for a release at Roadburn 2013. Artwork TBA.

3. A live DVD. Not yet edited or mixed. Originally intended for a release somewhere 2013/2014

4. Several live recordings. Not yet edited or mixed. Originally intended for use as live records, B-sides, and compilation material.

The announcement goes on to reveal a tentative release date of April 30 for III and 66:2. There will be no further work on the unfinished releases, but each will undergo mix and master at Void Studios in Eindhoven by Pieter G. Kloos (above, with TDB frontman Selim “SL” Lemouchi). The live recordings have no release date.

Also of great relief is the post’s last paragraph: SL promises to submit to “a limited amount” of final interviews about the TDB’s break-up and the legacy of their awesome music. From there, his focus will be “his future spiritual and artistic path.” So more jamz? We’ll be sure to ask. And cajole. And wheedle. Stand by for more info.

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