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We Could All Use a Little More Audrey Horne in Our Lives


Audrey Horne - Youngblood

If the idea of Enslaved guitarist Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal playing in a dad rock band is an intriguing concept to you, read on.

That band, named after the foxy Twin Peaks character Audrey Horne, delivered one of the most captivating performances at SXSW last year (although sadly Sherilyn Fenn did not make an appearance), and they were easily my sleeper-discovery pick of the festival. When your band begins a set playing to an empty room in the middle of the afternoon and ends it with a packed house filled with random passers-by drawn in solely by your groovin’ tunes, you know you’ve done something right.

Audrey Horne’s new album Youngblood is full of good times, it’s rockin’, it’s up-beat, it’s completely free of pretention… it’s just GOOD. No, it’s not really metal, but who’s got time to worry about? If you dug the amazing record Night Flight Orchestra put out last year you’re definitely gonna be into these guys. Stream “Redemption Blues” below and check out a list of the band’s Top 5 Twin Peaks scenes over at The Deciblog.

Youngblood came out last week or comes out this week, depending on where you live (Napalm Records stocks a time-travel machine in their U.S. HQ). Order it right here.

We Could All Use a Little More Audrey Horne in Our Lives

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