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You’re Moshing: Devourment’s New Album Conceived in Sewage is Streaming in Full


Devourment - Conceived in Sewage

Devourment’s Conceived In Sewage is as polarizing a metal album as has been released in a long while. I’ve heard as many old-school death metal gray beards shower this album in riotous praise for its crushing slams and relentless brutality as I have old-school death metal gray beards say that this band used to be cool and screwed the pooch this time around. Which is it? I don’t really know, but I do know this: I’M MOSHING, just like Sergeant D said I would be. The simple fact that people are arguing about this album means that Devourment have done something right. Credit also where it’s due: Erik Rutan knocked it out of the park production-wise here, letting the band sound loose enough that they might fly off the rails at any moment, but tight and clear enough that the grooves and mosh-factor are intact.

Hear for yourself: Conceived in Sewage is streaming in full right now at Stereokiller, and it came out today. Order it here.

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