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Heaven Shall Burn Release New Song in the Most Irritating Manner Possible

  • Axl Rosenberg

Heaven Shall Burn Release New Song in the Most Irritating Manner Possible

Heaven Shall Burn have released their new single, “Land of the Upright Ones”… sort of. See, to hear the track, you have to go this website and solve a puzzle. Basically, you arrange these “stones” in a certain order, and when the order is correct, they’re supposed to glow, and you get a free download of the song.

This is a wonderful way to unveil new music to Heaven Shall Burn’s hardcore fan base, who are probably willing to spend time solving the puzzle in order to get the track. It is a horrible way to ensure that anyone else (like, let’s say, potential new fans who weren’t already gonna buy the album) gets to hear the song. Heck, I like Heaven Shall Burn, but I spent about forty-five seconds rearranging the puzzle pieces, and when it still wasn’t right, I said, “Oh, fuck it, I don’t need to hear this song so badly.” You could assert that I’m an impatient prick, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you (“necessarily” because I might actually put up with this shit for a band I absolutely adore). But unless the group has decided that they only want patient people to hear their music, this is a bonehead move.

If you wanna try to solve the puzzle, go here. The rest of us will get to hear it whenever the fuck someone in the HSB camp comes to their senses and just releases the goddamn thing.

Heaven Shall Burn’s new album, Veto, comes out April 30. No word on whether or not you’ll need to jump through hoops to hear it.

[via No Clean Singing]

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