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The HAARP Machine’s Al Mu’min Likes Tea


The HAARP Machine’s Al Mu’min Likes Tea

The below video is supposed to tease the new line-up for The HAARP Machine, seventy-five percent of whose line-up quit the band last month. Unfortunately, the video is incredibly boring. It’s mostly underexposed footage of sole remaining original member Al Mu’min making tea. I’m not exaggerating. It’s like a YouTube “how to” video for total ree-rees.

In fact, this is so silly that I probably wouldn’t even have posted it, if not for Heavy Blog is Heavy reporting a rumor that two of the band’s new members are former Periphery vocalist Chris Barretto, and his current Ever Forthright bandmate, Nicholas Llerandi. (Llerandi plays guitar in Ever Forthright, but he’ll apparently be the new bassist in The HAARP Machine. No word on who the drummer is.) Barretto is a talented dude and his presence might perk my interest. So long as, y’know, the band doesn’t continue to make videos like this one.

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