Otep Looks Like John 5 Now


Otep has released her video for “Apex Predator,” and while her music used to sound a lot like Slipknot, apparently now it sounds a lot like Marilyn Manson’s more recent output. She’s even dressing like a member of that band during the weird era when for some reason they all had their hair dyed blonde save for Manson himself…

…which might be the weirdest part of the video, if not for the large percentage of it devoted to Otep forcing some young woman to give her head while the vocalist stares creepily into the camera.

I’m sure there’s a very deep, philosophical, political meaning behind those shots, but I’m also sure that exactly .00001% of all viewers will give said shots any thought beyond “Otep is getting head” and “Damn, that is creepy.” Just sayin’.

“Apex Predator” appears on Otep’s Hydra, which is out now on Victory.

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