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Six Feet Under’s “Prophecy”: Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break Chris Barnes’ Stride


Look no offense to Chris Barnes or anything, but there’s this song called “Prophecy” on the new Six Feet Under album, Unborn, that I just cannot listen to without thinking of Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride.” It’s a combination of the way Barnes repeats the lyric “I’m never gonna [blank],” as well as his delivery of those lyrics.

In any case, you can, and should, listen to Six Feet Under’s “Prophecy” here. Not only so you can be like “Uh, dude, this sounds nothing like Matthew whoever, lay off the ganj!”, but because it’s the writing debut of Ola Englund, who is the band’s full-time guitarist now. Assuming he sticks around for the next album, this could be our best indication of where Six Feet Under’s creative future might take them.

Unborn comes out March 19 on Metal Blade.

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