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Scott Weiland Has Been Fired from Stone Temple Pilots

  • Axl Rosenberg

Scott Weiland Has Been Fired from Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots have released the following statement:

“Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.”

So we don’t know why Scotty was let go, except oh yeah we do — he’s terminally a colossal prick. He’s proven it time and time and time again. It’s amazing it took the other members of the band this long to get sick of his shit.

“Well, whatever, Scott can just reunite with Velvet Revolver now, right?” you ask. “I mean, that’s what he was gonna do anyway, isn’t it?”

Nope. Says Slash:

“Scott is completely speaking out of his ass [about the VR reunion]. Nobody at this end has had any conversations with Scott on this subject, except maybe Dave Kushner, because he was the only one in the band who was really close to him. And all things considered, we don’t have a good professional relationship with Scott.

“And it also pisses me off because he’s put STP through so much shit over the years, and put us through shit too when we were working with him. In 2008, that was all over with, so at this point, when he starts coming up with this stuff, it’s like, whatever.”

In that same interview, Slash says that Weiland “deserves” to find himself up shit’s creek without a paddle, and goes on to say that his own career has been great “since I got my shit together and stopped touring with Scott,” and that “Even if I didn’t have my solo thing going on, I still wouldn’t work with him.”

So what will Scott do now? Go solo? Join another band? Disappear off the face of the earth? Only time will tell. While we wait to find out, say it with me a few times:

Army of Anyone reunion!

Scotty boy, this one’s for you, mate:

[via Metal Insider]

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