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Byzantine - Byzantine front cover
The new Byzantine album landed in my Dropbox last week — seven days before its official release — since I backed the band’s Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. I was in Iceland at the time so I didn’t get to listen to the album until yesterday. And I have listened to it four times since; it’s all I want to listen to right now! And now you can listen to it too right now over at No Clean Singing.

I’ve sung this band’s praises at every possible turn so I’m not sure what else I can say to convince you to give them a shot if you haven’t already. This band truly defies sub-genres of any kind — they’re just metal. Chris “OJ” Ojeda is a veritable riff-master and Byzantine is an explosion of five years worth of pent up riffs spewed forth all at once. I absolutely cannot get enough! It’s the follow-up to 2008’s masterwork Oblivion Beckons we all hoped would come to pass.

Stream Byzantine right here.

Now, how about a tour, fellas?

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