Cinemetal Round-Up: New Videos from Within the Ruins, Bleed from Within, Bands That Don’t Have the Word “Within” in Their Name

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m going to put as much effort into this introduction as tourists will put into booking trips to Egypt in the coming weeks.

We begin today with Within the Ruin’s new video, “Feeding Frenzy,” which is NSFW due to some yuckiness.  (Look at the title of the song and you’ll get some idea of what happens.) Unfortunately, a severe case of the ickies is really the only memorable aspect of this otherwise ho-hum warehouse video. And in this day and age of Cattle Decapitation’s “Forced Gender Reassignment” clip, you need more than a severe case of the ickies to stand out — you need a near-fatal case of the barf all your keyboards.

Next up is “Uprising,” for a band called Bleed from Within. (And by the way, if you weren’t bleeding from within, from where would you bleeding?) I watched this video because a friend mentioned the band in conversation recently, and I realized I don’t really know them. I was expecting a soporifically generic deathcore band, but I was off… they’re an above-average generic deathcore band. What they have going for them is: they know how to write a song, and unlike the Emmures and Oceanos of the world, they don’t just let the tune devolve into structureless puddle of mush. I don’t think Bleed from Within are good now, but I think they maybe could be good in the future. Like, remember how that first Through the Eyes of the Dead album wasn’t all that exciting, and then Malice totally ruled? I could see such a scenario playing out with this band.

ANYWAY, the video features an egregious use of fire, so there’s that.

Which brings us to Tiamat’s “384 – Kteis.” I’m not really sure what to say about this video… I feel like I should find it be incredibly boring, but for some reason, I do not. I’ll just leave it here for now, and you can try to figure out what I’m responding to. Maybe I just really like sepia more than I even knew?

Moving right along: Black Drawing Chalks’ new clip for “Famous” is a very straightforward, very pretty video for a very catchy song that will appeal to people who like post-Oliveri Queens of the Stone Age very much. Again, in this day and age, I don’t think that’s enough to make it memorable, but there’s nothing wrong with it per se.

Next on the docket: Eminence’s “The God of All Mistakes,” which is from their 2008 album. The band is Brazilian and their new album has a guest appearance by Sepultura’s Paulo Jr.; the influence of that band is readily apparent. Not that it’s as good as Sepultura. Actually, I think even most Green-era Sep is still better than this. Speaking of the color green: there sure is a lot of it in this video, huh?

And we conclude today with “Frozen Time,” from Switzerland’s Pertness. I like this video because they made the very careful decision to coordinate their outfits, and yet there is one dude who couldn’t find a plain black t-shirt. Is there a shortage of plan black t-shirts in Switzerland? Was that one guy just a lazy dick? The mind boggles.

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