Glen Drover Has Defected from One Queensrÿche to Another


Man, did you see the cover for Frequency Unknown, the debut album of Geoff Tate’s new version of Queensrÿche? It says “FU” on it and it has the Queensrÿche emblem! OH THAT GEOFF, HE’S SO NAUGHTY! He really stuck it to his former band mates, didn’t he?
Except oh yeah — in case there was any doubt that Glen Drover’s split with Taterÿche was less-than-amicable the guitarist’s insistence that “I sincerely wish the Geoff and the band all the luck on what they do in the future,” he made the following announcement via Twitter yesterday:

The ‘Rÿche he’s referring to is not Tate’s new version of the band, but the old version of the band, which now features vocalist Todd La Torre. We know this even without glancing the touring itinerary for either iteration of the band, because the above is actually an edited version of Drover’s original tweet, which he has since deleted despite the fact that there’s such a thing as screenshots and thus everyone already knows what he said:

Which is a considerably better burn than putting “FU” on your album cover. The only thing that could make it even harsher is if they managed to snag Bobby Blotzer for a guest jam, too. I would give anything to have been a fly on the wall when Tate learned about this. Is it possible for actual smoke to literally explode out of man’s ears?

[via Classic Rock]

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