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Bored? Here’s a Doom Song to Keep You Occupied for the Next ELEVEN HOURS


Listening to Sabazius

Well, I’ll give Sabazius credit: I had no fucking idea who they were before they released “The Descent of Man,” their new, eleven-hour-and-fifteen-friggin’-minutes-long doom “song.” I put “song” in parenthesis because at least twenty-five minutes in — which is where I am as of this writing — it’s nothing but goddamn feedback. This is a song the way rocks are food.

What, I wonder, is the goddamn point of this thing? The obvious answer would be “to get attention” — I mean, this is nothing if not a gimmick — but unless the band some catchy metalcore songs in their back pocket, the attention is going to be a moot point. I mean, I’m sure there is someone who might hear this and then jump at the chance to go see Sabazius live or buy Sabazius merch or in some way show actual support for Sabazius, but that person is very likely locked up in a padded cell right now, and thus unavailable to wave the band’s flag. I think Andy Warhol said that Empire, his eight-hour-plus single-slow-motion-shot of the Empire State Building, was “supposed to be” unwatchable, and maybe Sabazius are doing something like that here… but I never really understood the point of Empire either. I mean I consider myself a fairly open-minded guy when it comes to weird artistic endeavors but COME THE FUCK ON, y’know?

Of course, it’s also possible that Sabazius are just trolling the world, in which case… well done, friends!

If you really love, or at least find something admirable in, “The Descent of Man,” Earache is apparently going to release it on a USB drive which will come in a pretty looking skull sculpture (pictured below). The file is 6.66 GB, which is the second best gimmick Sabazius cooked up.

Sabazius Skull

[via Metal Injection]

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