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Municipal Waste Make Beer Now

  • Axl Rosenberg


Municipal Waste will not be shown up by Slayer or Motörhead! The band has teamed up with “the liquid scientists at the artisanal craft brewery at Three Floyds” to create their own beer, Municipal Waste’s Toxic Revolution Stout Ale. The beverage is described as “a black liquid wall of death in your mouth,” which, interestingly enough, are the same words many women have used to describe the sensation of blowing C.C. DeVille.

Say the dudes from Three Floyds:

“Toxic Revolution was borne of relentless experimentation, ancient alchemy, and hatred.  Hatred of uninspired, flavorless beer.  Municipal Waste demanded we brew a massive yet drinkable American style oatmeal stout perfect for winter shred sessions.  Black as night and creamy on the palate with fruity, tropical hop notes balanced with roasted and chocolate malt. 50 IBUs, 8.5% ABV.”

ONLY 8.5% ABV? Man, I’d expect a beer made by this band to be only slightly less potent than rubbing alcohol. I mean I guess tasting good is a commendable quality in an alcoholic beverage, I’m just saying if this drink doesn’t kill anyone, I’ll be disappointed.

The beer will officially be released this week; you can get more info here. Starting at the end of this month, Municipal Waste will be part of the Metal Alliance tour along with Anthrax, Exodus, High on Fire, and Holy Grail. Get dates here.


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