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Inside Device is Insightful

  • Axl Rosenberg

Draiman on the Toilet

David Draiman’s awful new band, Device, have released a video called Inside Device, which contains the following pieces of useful information:

  • “Villify,” the first single off the record, is “the first single off the record.”
  • No one in the band has vocal chords besides Draiman.
  • Draiman has terrific advice for young bands: “You have good musicians playing on good instruments and you’re gonna get a good-sounding record.”
  • Draiman does not know how to sell the phrase “you can expect intensity.”
  • Draiman thinks that Device sounds nothing like Disturbed, thus proving that even David Draiman doesn’t want to listen to Disturbed.
  • Draiman thinks that Device sounds unique, thus proving that even David Draiman hasn’t heard any music released after the mid-90s.
  • Will Hunt is super-stoked to be in the group, needs to remember to pick up more hair relaxer on the way home from the interview.
  • Andre from Rochester Virus is still over-compensating for a lack of attention as a child.

The self-title debut from David Draiman’s Glorified Solo Project comes out April 9.

Oh and I just learned today is Draiman’s fortieth birthday. Happy birthday, All-Star.

[via The PRP]

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