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UR NOT ALONE: You’re favorite metal bands were bullied too!!

  • Sergeant D

bullying is bad

As u know, the reason ppl like heavy metal music is that they are angry from being social outcasts all there lives. When every day of your childhood is spent getting laughed at and picked on by the cool, attractive kids than naturally u become very bitter and retreat into the safety of ur fantasy world where you are a mighty warrior and u command a army of orcs and everybody respects you, unlike the real world where everybody is just like ‘lol’ when they look at u.

That’s right: BULLYING HURTS!!!! But if u thought that you were the only person who was bullied in high school, you are wrong!! In fact many of the people who are in ur favorite metal and grindcore bands were also victims of bullying!!! Here are some of their storys (trigger warning: youtube)

Franky Palmery of EMMURE was once a comic book nerd who was a victim of bullying and now he is a MONSTER!!

idk what it is but Andy from BLACK VEIL BRIDES reminds me of Christian Bale from AMERICAN PSYCHO in this video like he is a soulless demon trying 2 act like a human but yeah he also thinks bullying is bad!

as u can imagine the guys from PIERSE THE VEIL got bullied a lot because they look like girls– but it’s not OK to be racist against gay ppl and that is what this video is about!!

u will probably identify alot with Matt from AFTER THE BURIALS’ story about being a victim of bullying. like most metal/grindcore musicians he speaks awkwardly, has a grose, pube-y neckbeard and looks like someone who has to take the Greyhound bus when he travels because his minimum-wage job does not pay well enough for him to afford airplaines.



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