Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Saturday To Get Ancient To

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

We know you’re OLD. But soon enough you will be truly over your hill, and wondering why on Earth the kids are listening to such cacaphonous drivel.  Further proof that you’re disintegrating before our very eyes: despite surviving another SXSW, you’re totes feeling those aches and pains, and how tired you are.   So why do you still do it?


By the time you read this, save for one last crazy night, the bulk of this week’s Texas mess will be complete, and Vince will be sitting at the airport, high on meat, head hung in shame, slumped down deep into a seat praying that he doesn’t puke again.

But I am still in Austin for a couple more days, with my band playing one more awesome show late tonight in the woods (with A Life Once Lost, Fight Amp, Batillus, Black Table, & tons more), and a detox/retox day of “recovery” (BBQ) before heading back to the urban jungle…






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