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“Hadopelagic:” Venture into Sea Floor Trenches with The Ocean


The Ocean 2012

The Ocean’s new website, subdivided into the different depth regions of the sea to correlate with the band’s new album Pelagial, only goes as far down as the Hadopelagic zone. The Hadopelagic zone delineates the deepest trenches in the sea, from around 20,000 feet deep down to the sea floor. Here’s a nifty diagram from Wikipedia that explains it all in less than 1000 words:


So Hadopelagic is really fuckin’ deep, right? Yet the two songs on Pelagial representing the Hadopelagic zone are not the album’s last, nor are they the heaviest! Pelagial has one song each for the Demersal and Benthic zones — the layers just above and in/below the sea floor, respectively — that are so heavy they didn’t even make it onto The Ocean’s website! Either that or uh Robin Staps ran out of things to say about he Pelagial box set.

So, with that in mind, stream “Hadopelagic II: Let Them Believe,” the album’s third-to-last and third-most-heavy song, at Pitchfork. Think about the giant tube worms that live there while you do it.

Order Pelagial here (and listen to another new song) before the album comes out on April 30th. And have a look at the two fascinating in-studio video the band put together documenting the recording of the album.


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