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Do You Wanna Be the New Bassist in Machine Head?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Machine Head Wants You

As you have doubt no heard by now, last month, Machine Head fired longtime bassist Adam Duce. That’s bad news for Duce, but good news for all your bass players and/or guitarists willing to slum it: the band is going to be part of this summer’s Mayhem Fest, which means they need a new four-stringer, pronto. Thus, the band is calling all cars — and giving fans a chance to audition for Duce’s slot.

Instructions from MH are as follows:

1) Video: A standalone performance of the songs listed below, just you, singing and playing bass along to the the tracks off the albums. **Camera phone is fine as long as it’s stable**

2) A brief 1- to-2-minute statement about your musical experience; playing, touring experience, etc.

Please upload your videos to YouTube and e-mail a link (or links) to [email protected] that includes the following songs:

1) This Is The End
2) Halo
3) Beautiful Mourning

Once the band has narrowed down potential candidates, they will hold tryouts in person at a to-be-determined location.

This is obviously a great opportunity for any metal bassist, and I have little doubt that the band is going to be absolutely flooded with candidates. I highly recommend qualified parties take advantage… I mean, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, right?

Meanwhile, if you haven’t done so already, you should check out our recent interview with Machine Head’s Robb Flynn on all things thrash. It includes his own personal Spotify thrash playlist, too!

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