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Dew-Scented Revolt Against Smelling Like Dew


Dew-Scented - Insurgent

Dew-Scented, the world’s only death metal band to be named after a taxi cab air freshener, are almost old enough to have a legal drink in the United States! The band commemorates their twentieth birthday this spring with Insurgent, a mix of new material, old material played live, and other’s people material (also known as “covers”… no, I have no idea what I’m being so flip about this… I literally just cannot help myself anymore). And one of those new songs, “Confronting Entropy,” has now made its way online, as writers sometimes say when pretending that songs have legs and free wills.

ANYWAY, I actually really dig the song… it’s meat n’ taters death metal, and it’s also based around a really sweet, incredibly evil-sounding, totally catchy riff. I mean, what’s not to like?

Insurgent comes out May 28 on Prosthetic.

[via Lambgoat]

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