Jungle Rot’s New Video for “Terror Regime” Gets the Runner Home


Sammy O’Hagar’s positive review of Jungle Rot’s new album Terror Regime totally nailed it, IMO, even if his 4/5 horns rating was a tad generous. This band is at their best when they’re cranking out “dumb guy death metal” instead of trying but falling short at “great death metal,” the former owing more to the punk side of death metal’s roots than the latter. The title track from their new album makes a lot more sense in that context, musically speaking; it’s not terribly impressive or wow-inducing, but those riffs do the job of getting heads banging and pits moving. Similarly, the new video for the track is really simple and stripped down, but it’s a sac fly that gets that runner in from third base when all you need to do is tie the game.

Catch Jungle Rot on tour right now with Suffocation, Exhumed, Rings of Saturn and Adimiron.

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