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Joe Satriani Opens the “Door Into Summer”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum

Once upon a magical time known as The Early 90s, Sony released a television commercial for the Discman (KIDS: Discmen were like iPhones, only they could only carry one album at a time and you couldn’t make phone calls or play video games or watch porn on them) that featured Joe Satriani’s “Summer Song.” You can watch the ad below; as you’ll note, it has aged very well.

Since this commercial was on all the time, “Summer Song” did indeed become one of the big hits of the summer, and Vince, myself, and all of our pastel-wearing friends enjoyed it the entire season as we sat beside fountains with girls, danced near benches, and fled from dry cleaning shops.

While it hasn’t had the good fortune of making it into a commercial for any mp3 players yet, Joe Satriani’s new single, “A Door Into Summer,” is clearly a de facto sequel to “Summer Song.” Its release this week is appropriate, given that, at least here in New York, the sun is finally shining, the birds are finally chirping, and the ladies are finally dressing in such a manner as to leave little to the imagination.

“A Door Into Summer” is cheesy as hell, but I love it. The moment I am done writing this post, I am going to have Vince blast it from the MetalSucks Mobile as I run from a dry cleaning shop.

“A Door Into Summer” will appear on Satch’s Unstoppable Momentum, which comes out May 7 on Epic.


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