Alice in Chains Performed on Jimmy Kimmel “Live”


I never really understood the whole “live” thing with bands performing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. How is it “live” if it’s at some random-ass outdoor stage instead of on-set in the studio like every other late night show? And for that matter, is it even live? — like is the stage on some back-lot behind the studio where the show is filmed, and Kimmel runs outside during a commercial break to introduce the band — or is it pre-recorded? Serious questions, please lmk.

In any case Alice in Chains performed their new songs “Hollow” and “Stone” live on some stage somewhere for some show and needless to say they sound great. Jerry Cantrell looks so weird with short hair! I really enjoyed the beardo phase Jerry went through at the very beginning of Alice in Chains’ comeback around 2005-2006, but I guess he decided it’s finally time to look and dress his age.

I cannot wait to hear the entire new Alice in Chains album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here when it comes out on May 28th. Watch a hilarious documentary about the album here, and the Kimmel performances below:

[via The PRP]

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