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Dave Lombardo Gets a Grip (Inc.)

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lomabrdo Chaos Grip

If you, like me, are keeping your fingers very tightly crossed that Dave Lombardo and the remaining members of Slayer would somehow resolve their current drama, well… this ain’t a good sign.

According to a new interview with Rock Overdose, Lombardo is resurrecting Grip Inc. — the band he started the last time he left Slayer, in 1992 — with Amen’s Casey Chaos on vocals. Presumably, the duo bonded while working on their new supergroup with Gary Holt and Nick Oliveri earlier this year. (We don’t know what the status is of that band, but if Lombardo is out of Slayer for good and Holt is in Slayer for good, it’s not hard to imagine it being shelved.) It’s not presently known whether or not original Grip Inc. guitarist/co-founder Waldemar Sorychta is involved, or who will be handling bass duties (the band had more bass players than songs).

To be honest, I never found much to like about Grip Inc. besides Lombardo’s drumming, and I don’t find the involvement of Chaos at all encouraging. So as if the Slayer sitch wasn’t already a total bummer, now it’s causing a domino effect of shittiness. Somehow, this ends with Slayer covering Steppenwolf, just watch.

[via Metal Insider]

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