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Alice in Chains’ New Lyric Video for “Stone” is Appropriately Angry


Alice in Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Thank you, MS commenters, for illuminating the secrets behind the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s musical guests! In case anyone missed it, Alice in Chains gave a rousing performance on the show last week and the footage is posted here, which you should absolutely watch.

No longer do we have to ogle at Jerry Cantrell’s newly shorn hair despite AiC’s public proclamation that “Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Haircuts” when Metallica cut theirs in 1996. ‘Cause this here is a lyric video, and the band members don’t appear in it. But we do get to learn what “Stone” is all about lyrically, and the background footage is gorgeous in its own right. Watch:

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here comes out on May 28th. Watch the beautifully cinematic music video for first single “Hollow” here — in which aliens get stoned — if you haven’t seen that one yet.

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