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Jason Newsted Now Covering Metallica Songs He Didn’t Write or Record

  • Axl Rosenberg

Jason Newsted’s Newsted have begun to play live. And like a lot of famous musicians, Newsted has been covering songs from the band that made him famous, because, well, that’s what made him famous!

But whereas when, say, Slash plays “Civil War” at a solo concert it’s okay because he actually co-wrote “Civil War,” Newsted has been playing “Whiplash” and “Creeping Death,” both of which were written and recorded long before he ever joined ‘Tallica. In all fairness, he’s also been playing “My Friend of Misery,” a song which he actually did co-write (in fact, it’s one of only two Metallica songs for which he received a writing credit, and the other one, “Where the Wild Things Are,” probably would not be included on a Metallica “Greatest Hits” collection). But still, this would be a little bit like if Sammy Hagar started performing “Hot for Teacher” at solo shows. It’s just a weird way to try and trade on your former success, don’t you think?

[via The PRP]

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