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Author & Punisher’s New Song “In Remorse” is His Best Yet


Author and Punisher 2012

Last year we got all excitebike about Author and Punisher (aka Tristan Shone), a former engineering and robotics student who channeled his love of metal (the music) into unique, custom-built instruments made out of massive hunks of metal (the material). Ursus Americanus appeared on a few MetalSucks Best of 2012 lists, and Shone positively wowed us live this past winter.

Shone is already back with new music: Seventh Rule will release Women & Children on June 11th. Pitchfork has a song from that record called “In Remorse,” and it might just be my favorite Author & Punisher song to date. It’s easily the poppiest A&P song to date, closer to a Nine Inch Nails deep cut than much of the more abstract material on his last album, but it retains the darkness and gut-wrenching character that made Ursus Americanus so good. Listen here. I’m anxious to hear what the rest of Women & Children has in store.

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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