Rob Zombie and John 5 Wrote a Black Metal Song for The Lords of Salem

  • Axl Rosenberg

How do you know that a movie sucked? I only saw Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem less than ninety-six hours ago, and I already can’t quite remember the context in which a fictional black metal band, Leviathan The Fleeing Serpent, appears. I think Sherri Moon Zombie’s character — a radio DJ — plays them on her station early in the film, but I also distinctly remember seeing pieces of the band’s accompanying video, so either she watches it in some other scene, or for whatever reason Zombie just cut to video footage even though there is no video footage on the radio.

ANYWAY, I’m rambling about this nonsense because now Leviathan The Fleeing Serpent — really just Mr. Zombie and his guitarist, John 5 — have released a video for their song “Crushing the Ritual.” If memory serves this only appears in the film for like fifteen or twenty seconds (believe it or not, it’s a completely different fictional band that plays heavily into the plot), but I guess they had to write and record the entire song and make the whole video just to get that little snippet. Not at all a waste of time, fellas!

If for some reason you want to own this song, it appears on The Lords of Salem soundtrack, which is out now. If you want to see The Lords of Salem on the big screen, you’d better hurry — the movie is a box office disappointment and will consequently be playing at fewer theaters (like the one where I saw it — they’re yanking it after tomorrow), and fewer shows per day, than it was last week. In two weeks, I imagine, it will be gone altogether.

But seriously, if you must see this crap, I advise you to wait for DVD or cable. It’s really not worth spending full ticket price.

[via The PRP]

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