Soilwork Get All Bioshock-y in New “Spectrum of Eternity” Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s almost impossible for me to imagine that Soilwork’s new video for “Spectrum of Eternity” wasn’t influenced by the original Bioshock. Although the clip’s protagonist never reaches an Rapture-esque underwater city, the general nautical theme (which, yes, is a big part of the band’s new album, The Living Infinite), the steampunk aesthetic, the sci-fi-ish variation on an old diving suit, and even the general color scheme and animation style all recall the 2007 video game.

Which isn’t a bad thing — the video certainly looks cool. Unfortunately, the narrative is kinda boring… like, almost nothing actually happens during the course of the video. You could watch the beginning and the end and skip the middle and still have a perfect understanding of what happened.

But whatever, I guess. It’s a music video. If it can keep you reasonably intrigued for four minutes, it’s basically done its job.

The Living Infinite is out now on Nuclear Blast.

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