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Now Nicko McBrain’s Son Has Been Arrested, Too

  • Axl Rosenberg

Justin McBrain ArrestIt’s turning out to be a rough Spring for the McBrain family. Mere weeks after Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain’s wife, Rebecca, was arrested for both trying to stab people and then successfully hitting them with logs, Justin McBrain, the drummer’s twenty-year-old son, has been arrested for… uh… well… here, I’ll just let Boca News Now tell you:

“A PBSO spokesperson tells BocaNewsNow.com that deputies responded to a West Boca home after receiving a call that McBrain forced his way inside. The female homeowner reported  that McBrain knocked repeatedly and then pushed his way in when the door was opened. McBrain allegedly rifled through the woman’s purse, taking a half-eaten chocolate bunny, half of an orange — which he consumed in the home — a belly ring, cosmetics, and a freezer pack.”

I have three thoughts about this news:

  1. Why would the son of a millionaire rock star need to steal anything? That he even felt the need to do so, in and of itself, is even more fucked-up than if some Joe Schmoe pulled the same shit. I mean, the fact that he was ate half an orange in the home and stole a bunch of really random shit suggests that he was probably less-than-sober, but still. You have to think this kid must have access to a Platinum Card or something, right?
  2. Why are the McBrains completely incapable of committing anything resembling a normal crime? So far they’ve attempted to kill people with large chunks of wood and stolen a bunch of random shit. Can’t they just be content to get caught doing coke or robbing a bank or something that’s not stranger-than-fiction?
  3. Nicko was arrested in 2003 for for deliberately hitting a parking attendant with his car; Rebecca was arrested for hitting people with logs; and now Justin has been arrested for making absolutely no effort whatsoever to conceal his identity or commit a crime stealthily. Someone really oughta sit this family down and tell them that the Corleones they ain’t. They’re more like The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. I’ve seen eleven-year-olds commit crimes more discreetly. Even if they did commit a less-weird crime, like robbing a bank, they’d probably get caught after looking into the security camera and providing their names, phone numbers, address, and social security numbers. Sheesh.

Justin McBrain is currently being held on $25,000 bail. For no good reason, here’s a video of him playing the drums:

Thanks for all the e-mails, gang.

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