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Blowsight Blows

Early on during Blowsight’s video for “This Pain,” I kinda thought the band might not be that bad — I mean, the track basically kicks off with a generic, but totally catchy, whatevercore riff, and it seemed like perhaps their worst offense might be that they were the umpteenth Black Dahlia Murder Juniors. I was even letting their totally awful fashion choices slide. (Do you know how good your band has to be to get away with wearing eyeliner and nail polish in 2013? It’s not even a masculinity thing — it’s that wearing make-up comes off as a really pathetic cry for attention. Please just go tell your parents you’re pissed that they didn’t hug you enough and be done with it.)

Then the vocals started. And the song went downhill at Sonic the Hedgehog speed.

Blowsight exist in that realm of nu-metalcore, which in some ways is, like, the most offensive thing a band can be. I mean, the very name — “nu-metalcore” — is just chockfull of insults. It would be like if calling someone an “asshole” wasn’t enough, you had to call them an “asshole jerkface” or whatever.

The band’s other video, for a song that’s called “Hit on the Radio” but oughta be entitled “(This Will Never Be A) Hit on the Radio,” reveals its awfulness far more quickly. Consequently, it’s the far funnier of the two clips.

These songs both appear on Blowsight’s Life & Death, which is out now on Eclipse Records.

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