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Pig Destroyer are Flexi(ble)



Decibel‘s 100th Issue Show back in January was still one of the most fun gigs I’ve attended so far this year — and that despite a close encounter with a drive-by shooting early in the evening. (Actually, that may have added to the general experience.) And I’ll forever treasure my free souvenir from the concert — a limited edition Pig Destroyer flexi disc featuring live recordings three of their most anus-destroying songs, including my personal favorite track from Book Burner, “The Bug,” complete with guest vocals from Kat Katz.

Jealous that I have one of these flexis and you don’t? Well you should be, na-na-nah-boo-boo. But now, at least, the Decidudes are being cool enough to let you stream it; you can go here to do so. Performances of “The Bug” with Katz are going to be rare, so you’ll wanna check it out even if just for that. But “Trojan Whore” and “Sheet Metal Girl” are obviously awesome, too. And the recording really highlights what a siqq drummer Adam Jarvis is. I get exhausted just listening to him.

Jam that shit here. You can also buy a limited edition t-shirt from the Decibel 100th Issue Show right here.

Pig Destroyer will play at Maryland Deathfest this Memorial Day Weekend and Gwar-B-Q in August, and are also playing some shows in Europe in May and June — get dates here.

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