This is a Reggae Dub Cover of Burzum’s “Det Som Engang Var”


Today in Things That We Never Knew We Didn’t Need, we present to you a “reggae dub” (wouldn’t just “dub” have sufficed?) cover of Burzum’s “Det Som Engang Var” by the band Ewigkeit. Here’s the band’s J. Fogarty on the impetus behind it:

Sometimes we enjoy the work of an artist with whom we wholeheartedly disagree with. For me, being a fan of the early work of Burzum has always caused an internal conflict, due to the outspoken views of the composer, Varg Vikernes.

I decided to find a way to reconcile my love of the album ‘Hyvis Lyset Tar Oss’, whilst simultaneously exorcising my demons, and making myself feel a whole lot better in the process.

Although a million miles from the new EWIGKEIT material I have been working on, I had always thought the track ‘Det Som Engang Var’ would make a fine reggae dub track, and this is what it sounds like.

After a while I honestly forgot what I was listening to and just settled into the groove in the background. I guess that means this is a good cover but I don’t know? How does this fit into our recent debate about metal covers? Honestly this could’ve been a cover of any song and I wouldn’t really have noticed or cared, but, as a standalone dub track it’s pretty good. Share your thoughts below!

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