YOLO The Band (Coming Soon to Century Media or Sumerian Records)


There is self-described Mexicore band from L.A. called You Only Live Once (can’t believe it took this long), and of course Sergeant D is already all over that shit at Stuff You Will Hate (and he absolutely loves them, no irony). I’m not gonna be all “the most incredibly awful piece of shit I’ve ever heard,” or any other excessively strong, aspie way we at MetalSucks usually have of saying “i dont liek thing,” (obviously it is and we don’t). ‘Cause this song is catchy as hell and video already has 40k+ YouTube views in under a month, so band must be doing something right. Then again, David Hasselhoff sold 6 million record in Germany. I’m sure Century or Sumerian or Rise are gonna swoop in and sign these guys any day now. Some funny things about the video:

  • two ego boxes for the frontgirls to stand on, with bandname spraypainted on, natch (see also: custom bass drum head)
  • Metrolink tracks as background (I had to look this up, it’s Los Angeles’ joke of a commuter rail that no one rides)
  • dad’s Camaro
  • party / getting fucked up scene @ 2:30 in perfect time for the breakdown
  • video ends at a climactic scenic overlook above the beach (I didn’t know spots like this actually existed, my East Coast ass thought they were made up for make-out scenes in Beverly Hills 90210)

Seriously though this song is super catchy and stuck in my head already. FML.

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