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Listen to Serj Tankian’s Symphonic Project Orca


Serj Tankian

When our own Shanbomb interviewed Serj Tankain last June the System of a Down vocalist mentioned a symphonic project without vocals that he was working on called Orca, but since then we haven’t heard anything about it (admittedly we haven’t been paying very close attention). But today we get a taste of what that record sounds like, and, well, it’s a symphonic project without vocals.

The music sounds vaguely System of a Downian in that it utilizes some kind of Middle Eastern-sounding minor scale (forgive me, it’s been over a decade since I had any theory), but otherwise it sounds like it’s just a gorgeous piece of symphonic music. All we’ve got to go in is less than two minutes of a song called “Orca Act I – Victorious Orcinus” so it’s really just the tip of the iceberg as far as Orca is concerned. I love it when metal artists branch out and attempt projects completely outside of their wheelhouse, so I look forward to hearing more of this record.

Oh, also, you get to look at octopi and other beautiful under-sea creatures while you listen. Bonus.

[via The PRP]

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