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“How This Will End:” Well, for Mouth of the Architect


Mouth of the Architect - Dawning

Mouth of the Architect = a modern day Led Zeppelin? Listen to their new song “How This Will End” and you’ll probably agree; the intro is a deadringer for Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine,” both rhythmically and harmonically. A conscious homage, or did the guitarist think he’d just written the coolest riff ever? (Hey, it’s happened to everyone). It’s cool either way, though, because the riff turns heavy as fuqq soon enough and Mouth of the Architect really turn it into their own before switching up the song entirely. Jam “How This Will End” over at Lambgoat.

New MS writer (and Heavy Blog is Heavy proprietor) Alkahest really digs Mouth of Architect’s new album Dawning and gave it a very nice writeup. There’s another song from the album called “It Swarms” streaming here.

Dawning comes out on June 25th via Translation Loss Records; pre-order the album here.

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