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“Kingmaker”: New Megadeth Song is Better Than “Super Collider”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Megadeth - Super Collider

The title track from Megadeth’s forthcoming Super Collider was so poorly received that I’m shocked it took the band and their team almost a month to release another new song — I would have thought that they’d try to prove to fans as quickly as possible that this wasn’t gonna be another Risk.

In any case, a new track, “Kingmaker,” has new been released, and it’s… fine? It kinda reminds of me of the material from United Abominations, in that it’s by no means terrible and I’m sure hardcore fans and Mustaine apologists will argue that it’s awesome, but for most of us, it will basically be forgettable. Still, if the rest of the material on Super Collider leans more this way and less the way of the title track, it will be much harder to make fun of Mustaine… ‘s musical prowess. He’ll still be a giant douche of a human being.

Super Collider comes out June 4 on Mustaine’s own label, Trainwreck. 

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