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Deftones Might Not Release Eros Anytime Soon After All


Deftones Eros Possible Release

Last week it came out in the press that the Deftones’ long-lost album Eros might finally soon see the light of day. The band decided to scrap the finished record completely when bassist Chi Cheng fell into a coma in 2008, but releasing it now, after Cheng’s death, seems like it might be a fitting tribute, and frontman Chino Moreno seemed to hint as such during an interview at the Revolver Golden Gods.

Except that it might not be released any time soon after all — if it ever gets released at all — as Moreno clarified in a recent follow-up interview with MusicFeeds [via The PRP]:

We’re actually not entertaining anything. I get asked about that all the time. And I’ve been giving the same answer for like… ever since people have been asking me about it, I’ve been saying that ‘probably someday.’ The only thing I said differently the other day that I could think that I said was ‘sooner than never.’

I mean you know now there is some sort of closure with what happened with Chi. That was obviously… Him and his state that he was in and you know, in general, it wouldn’t feel right to try to even think about going back to that record and trying to release it at that time… You know, with the hope that he would still wake up.

I don’t know, so we never really looked back at it then. But with his passing recently I mentioned that I did listen to some of the music. It was a very emotional experience because it took me back to that time when we were recording those songs, and those were pretty much the last days that I got talk with him and have a conversation with him, so… And when listening to it I thought to myself it might be cool for people to hear this sooner than never. Will it happen soon? I don’t know, probably not.

That’s the thing, I never really talk about that record. I don’t think any of us really do, but we get asked about it almost every interview. Like ‘what’s up with that record?’ It’s cool because people are curious and I understand that and everything.

It’s just a thing that we weren’t ready to reflect on. I mean it was hard for me to listen to it the other day. You know… reflecting on something that was pretty… it was pretty deep. Just a very fresh wound that we just received with Chi‘s passing. So I don’t know, it’ll be [out] sometime I think.

So it’s just, like, they’re thinking about it now more than they were before… or something. Which makes sense. Whereas before the answer was “definitely no,” now it’s at least on their minds. Bottom line: I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon. Sad face.

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