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The New Mercenary Track is Pretty Good


Mercenary - Through Our Darkest Days

Oh, right, Mercenary. Like MS Mansion co-inhabitant Axl I kinda lost interest in these most epic Danes following 2008′s Architect of LiesBut hey, they’re back, as promised, with a new album on the way! So let’s give ’em another shot. Through Our Darkest Days will be released on July 26th, and the band has just made its title track available for streaming, which you can check out below:

And it’s… pretty good, I guess. It’s a perfectly fine slice of Epic Metal with a very Amon Amarthian, galloping verse riff, and it certainly suggests that this band can write catchy songs even without any Sandager brothers. But it’s missing a little something, that fist-pumping magic/silliness of 2006’s The Hours That Remain, and that magic/silliness is what we so loved about this band. It’s like they’re all srs now. Still, this tune is pretty decent; looking forward to hearing more of Through Our Darkest Days.

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