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Deafheaven - Sunbather

For once MetalSucks writers and MetalSucks commenters agree on something: new Deafheaven music is super-awesome, or at least so sayeth you when we posted about the two new tracks they’ve released from their new album Sunbather so far. Of course there were a couple of expected outliers/trolls — it always cracks me up when people use “not metal” as a disparaging remark. I mean, really? (it doesn’t even feel appropriate here) — but it makes me happy to know that I could be joining hands in a grassy field and playing ring around the rosie with the MS populace whilst listening to Sunbather cranked up to 11 instead of having everyone get uncontrollably stangry like usual.

Stream Sunbather in its entirety at Pitchfork. As I said last week, Deafheaven have gone from experimental black metal to full on dreamy, atmospheric, epic post-metal (with trace black metal influences intact), and I’m absolutely loving the transmogrification. The album comes out officially on June 11th via Deathwish and can be ordered here.

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